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Cemetery: Perry Township Cemeteries
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Alford, Audrey Nell Dipple 00/00/0000
Allen, Emogene 07/10/2018
Allen, Leonard D. 10/17/2013
Allen, Marjorie A. 00/00/0000
Allen, Mary Ann 05/19/2016
Allen, Robert A. 00/00/0000
Allison, Hannah
Allison, Johnny 00/00/0000
Allison, Malvina T. 00/00/0000
Allison, Mary
Allison, Rodney E. 00/00/0000
Allison, Samuel
Aloi, Helen May 02/10/2001
Alosi, Theresa 11/14/2008
Amato, Samuel A. 06/08/2004
Ames, David Sompii 01/28/2015
Ames, Donald 04/25/2000
Ames, Eleanor 03/22/2002
Ames, John P. 00/00/0000
Amidon, Baby 00/00/1851
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